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21 November 12
Markets On Bulcock, Caloundra
Green Damselfly has a stall at Markets on Bulcock, Caloundra most Sundays. The market is open 8am - 1pm most Sundays in the main street of Caloundra o ...
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13 May 11
Fair Trade And Green Market
Green Damselfly will be at the Fair Trade and Green Market at Caloundra, cnr Queen and Ulm Streets on Saturday 14 May. This event coincides with Fair ...
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04 May 11
Exciting Children's Toys, Games And Puppets In Stock
Some truly fantastic childrenís products have just arrived from India and Bangladesh. Bright, colourful and fun puppets, dress ups, masks and a couple ...
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26 April 11
Spotlight Enterprise Global Child
The Global Child (TGC) is one of our eco ethical partners. It was founded in 2003, is a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan organization founded t ...
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05 April 11
Books From Black Ink Press
The Indigenous publisher Black Ink Press has just become our newest eco ethical partner. This follows our decision to support poverty alleviation in c ...
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Support Eco Ethical Enterprises to Alleviate Poverty in Developing Countries

The Volunteers For Children Development Foundation & Dor Dek

The Volunteers For Children Development Foundation & Dor Dek

The Volunteers for Children Development Foundation was established in Chiang Mai and Mae Sai in 1997 to help street children. Chiang Maiís street children number just under 1000. Many of Chiang Maiís street kids come from the Thai-Burmese border in Mae Sai. Once in Chiang Mai, they are usually found begging for change or selling flowers in tourist areas. The majority of the children have no education, no nationality and are often exploited. They are at a high risk of using drugs, becoming prostitutes and contracting HIV.

The Volunteers for Children Development Foundation provides vocational skill training in how to create and produce saleable art work that is sold through their outlet Dor Dek. All money raised from the sale of art work goes towards benefiting the children Ė 30% goes towards education of the children, 30% goes directly to the child artist and the remaining 40% pays for the art supplies. The organization targets children between the ages of 10 and 18 and youth aged 19 or 20 are trained to be youth leaders to help train and assist the younger children.

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