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21 November 12
Markets On Bulcock, Caloundra
Green Damselfly has a stall at Markets on Bulcock, Caloundra most Sundays. The market is open 8am - 1pm most Sundays in the main street of Caloundra o ...
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13 May 11
Fair Trade And Green Market
Green Damselfly will be at the Fair Trade and Green Market at Caloundra, cnr Queen and Ulm Streets on Saturday 14 May. This event coincides with Fair ...
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04 May 11
Exciting Children's Toys, Games And Puppets In Stock
Some truly fantastic childrenís products have just arrived from India and Bangladesh. Bright, colourful and fun puppets, dress ups, masks and a couple ...
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26 April 11
Spotlight Enterprise Global Child
The Global Child (TGC) is one of our eco ethical partners. It was founded in 2003, is a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan organization founded t ...
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05 April 11
Books From Black Ink Press
The Indigenous publisher Black Ink Press has just become our newest eco ethical partner. This follows our decision to support poverty alleviation in c ...
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Support Eco Ethical Enterprises to Alleviate Poverty in Developing Countries


Thailand has a population of over 66 million covering a land area of 514,000 sq km. It is bordered by Burma in the north, Laos in the north and east, Cambodia to the east, the Gulf of Thailand to the south, Malaysia to the south, the Andaman Sea to the west and Burma to the west.

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      The Human Development Index ranks Thailand as 87 out of 182 countries. The infant mortality rate is 17.48 deaths per 1000 live births.

      The dominant religion is Theravada Buddhism. The Thai population is made up of 75% Thai, 14% Chinese origin, 3% Malay origin with the remainder made up of Mons, Khmers and various hill tribes, most of which have migrated into the region during the past 100 years from the Asian interior and settled into Laos, Burma, Vietnam and Thailand. They have largely preserved their traditional culture and produce diverse and colourful traditional handicrafts. The Karen, Lahu, Yao, Hmong, Lisu, Akha and Lahu form the seven broad hill tribe groupings. There are then further divisions within these tribe groupings. Each hill tribe has its own customs, language and culture. The hill tribes are most distinctly recognised for their colourful dress. There are some smaller tribes living in northern Thailand including the Palong, Khamu, Thins, and Mlabri.

      Thailandís handicrafts and art have a uniquely long-standing tradition. The Thai craft industry is the only one amongst its neighbours that has not been affected by occupation by a foreign power or wars of conquest. This relatively peaceful development has allowed the designs and craftsmanship of Thai artisans to flourish. There are a range of hill tribes to give additional colour and vibrancy of the textiles of Thailand. These indigenous handicrafts are finding international markets and favour with people around the world.

      Thailandís handicrafts are delicate and intricate, and products include textiles, silverware, laquer ware, woodcarving and pottery.

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    Thailand Enterprises

    The following are our eco ethical enterprise partners in Thailand. Please click on the name to view more information about the enterprise and the products that they produce.


    Hmong Cottage Enterprise Small Scale Enterprise Thailand The Volunteers For Children Development Foundation & Dor Dek 

    Hmong costumes are still an important part of Hmong culture but many people are choosing Western dress. This Cottage Enterprise promotes Hmong traditional fabrics and dress by creating a demand for vintage fabric.

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    Small scale enterprises are usually the backbone of a developing countryís economy.

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    This non-profit organization is small but has had amazing success working with street children in Chiang Mai and Mae Sai.

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