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21 November 12
Markets On Bulcock, Caloundra
Green Damselfly has a stall at Markets on Bulcock, Caloundra most Sundays. The market is open 8am - 1pm most Sundays in the main street of Caloundra o ...
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13 May 11
Fair Trade And Green Market
Green Damselfly will be at the Fair Trade and Green Market at Caloundra, cnr Queen and Ulm Streets on Saturday 14 May. This event coincides with Fair ...
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04 May 11
Exciting Children's Toys, Games And Puppets In Stock
Some truly fantastic children’s products have just arrived from India and Bangladesh. Bright, colourful and fun puppets, dress ups, masks and a couple ...
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26 April 11
Spotlight Enterprise Global Child
The Global Child (TGC) is one of our eco ethical partners. It was founded in 2003, is a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan organization founded t ...
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05 April 11
Books From Black Ink Press
The Indigenous publisher Black Ink Press has just become our newest eco ethical partner. This follows our decision to support poverty alleviation in c ...
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Support Eco Ethical Enterprises to Alleviate Poverty in Developing Countries

Ethical Initiatives

Green Damselfly has initiated a number of ethical practices to support the development of artisans in poor countries and so helping to alleviate poverty.

Fair partnerships

Green Damselfly works with artisans, artisan co-operatives and NGOs in a range of countries and strives to improve their economic and social standing by supporting fair trade practices. Some of our ecoethical enterprises have Fair Trade status, others are just as ‘fair’ in their production and trading practices but do not have the status. Read the fair trade page to see the disadvantages and advantages to producers of fair trade status. To the best of our ability we verify that our suppliers adhere to fair trade practices and provide artisans with respect, good working conditions and wages, and we pay fair prices for products. In some cases we have verified these things by visiting, observing and talking with artisans, families, community and co-operatives. In other cases we rely on information provided to us by reputable NGOs and others.

Partner support and development

We support artisans to achieve sustainable production and environmentally friendly products by providing information and support. Green Damselfly supports and encourages the use of natural fibres and recycled materials wherever possible. We work with artisans to develop quality products that are appealing to international customers.

Profit Sharing

We have a growing list of non-profit organisations that we feel do valuable work within developing countries to better people’s quality of life and living standards. Their focus varies and includes poverty alleviation, education, combating child trafficking, prevention/treatment HIV/AIDS, reproductive health support, and skills development and employment for disabled people. Green Damselfly has a profit sharing policy whereby, each year our profit is shared with non-profit organisations.

Please enjoy browsing the wonderful array of products made by the artisans in our eco-ethical enterprise partners.

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